Good Luck to all of the law graduates taking the North Carolina Bar Exam over the next few days. The studying and preparation are behind you now.

If your calling is to become a trial attorney, Trial By Nature: 10 Tips to Survival in the Courtroom, will interest you. This practical and entertaining collection of trial tips offers useful guidance as you are “called to the wild” environment and landscape of a jury trial.

The author of the series, Tricia Derr, has logged thousands of trial hours and has successfully defended her clients through intellect and instinct. Much like the thousands of animal species in the wild. Tricia contends “The courtroom is simply another iteration of habitat. The laws of Mother Nature supersede the laws of man. Mother Nature doesn’t care if you are on the African plain or Courtroom #6150.”


After you pass the bar and put down the books, these practical ten tips may come in handy.


Smart trial lawyers are well-versed in the laws of man. Brilliancy in the courtroom demands appreciation of the laws of man and the rules of Mother Nature.



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