Health care providers in several states are being contacted by a Virginia law firm representing the bankruptcy trustee of Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL), which filed for bankruptcy in 2015. Before entering bankruptcy, HDL was a full-service clinical laboratory that provided testing of biomarkers for indications of risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other illnesses. HDL’s trustee has been contacting health care providers demanding that they “settle” an amount allegedly owed to HDL’s bankruptcy estate. The settlement demands relate to payments made by HDL to health care providers who ordered diagnostic tests through HDL’s clinical lab. Below is an example of correspondence sent by the Trustee’s legal counsel:


If you receive correspondence that relates to HDL’s bankruptcy liquidation plan or demands “settlement” for an amount purportedly due, we strongly advise that you DO NOT SIGN any documents included with the correspondence. If  you have received any correspondence related to HDL’s bankruptcy, we ask that you call  704.831.3517  immediately and ask to speak with Kevin Pratt.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to being of service to you.

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