Pro bono service to North Carolina residents, through the NCBA, is soon to become even more accessible for North Carolina attorneys!

Underway is a 2017-18 NCBA task force for the launch of a Free Legal Answers program (“FLA Program”). This program is designed to service the needs of low-income populations in our state. With a growing decline in funding for legal aid organizations, this new NCBA program will be essential to supporting the legal needs that abound throughout our state.

The NCBA task force is charged with addressing the unmet legal needs of North Carolinians. I serve alongside approximately twenty (20) members of the North Carolina Bar in meeting our charge: to consider and determine the program’s parameters in North Carolina; assist with volunteer recruitment; and assist with publicizing the availability of the program to statewide legal services offices and other groups that render aid to low-income populations.


The work of the Task Force is underway, but soon —we will need the support of dedicated volunteers from the Bar as we prepare for a 2017-18 launch! Learn more about NCBA committees and their charges here:

Questions or ideas in support of the work of the FLA Program Task Force? Email Lincoln Derr attorney, Gwendolyn Lewis:

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