The Gift of Giving

The legal team and staff at Lincoln Derr value community investment through giving. We support various organizations in the region as a firm & on an individual basis throughout the year.


Below are three charitable organizations that recieve support from our firm on an ongoing basis. You can learn more about what these organizations do & how they work to improve the community that we live & work in by visiting the below websites.

Since 1955, Care Ring has been dedicated to providing health services for the uninsured, underinsured or those lacking access to affordable, high-quality preventive health care.

Through the Low-Cost Clinic and Physicians Reach Out network of over 1,600 providers donating pro bono care, patients are given life-changing, live-saving medical treatment. Care Ring’s Nurse-Family Partnership program empowers first-time, low-income mothers to have a healthy pregnancy and become successful parents to their children.

Care Ring annually serves more than 7,000 people in Mecklenburg County and is a leader in collaborative efforts to improve community health.

To learn more about Care Ring visit

Lincoln Derr is proud to be a sponsor of Best Buddies North Carolina and The 2020 Best Buddies Virtual Friendship Walk. The Best Buddies Friendship Walk is the number one walk in the country raising awareness and funds to support inclusion for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Join Best Buddies Founder & CEO, Anthony Kennedy Shriver, along with Lincoln Derr participants, buddies, celebrities, athletes and more online as we virtually walk for inclusion on Saturday, June 20, 2020. Register with Team Lincoln Derr here.

A justice system organization (non-profit) formed in 2004 by a group of civic leaders, lawyers, business owners and concerned citizens in North Carolina who understand the rule of law is the bedrock of our civilized society, that a healthy court system is critical to safeguarding this foundation and that the effective and efficient administration of justice is essential to a strong, prosperous and vibrant community.

To learn more about the Justice Initiatives visit

Other Charities our Attorneys are Invoved In

The Learning Society, Queens University

The Learning Society gives us an opportunity to become better community citizens through advancing conversations on important local and global issues. The Learning Society also gives us the opportunity to provide the financial resources to make learning opportunities available to the community as a whole and to the students at Queens in particular on issues that will enhance our community into the future.

~ Sara Lincoln


Thompson is a local Charlotte-based organization serving families and children right here in our community. Thompson is a wonderful organization that works diligently to give children and families resources and support to combat abuse and neglect. Through the fostering of children, school-based interventional therapy, and varying levels of therapy, Thompson is making real and immediate differences in people’s lives.

~ Scott Addison

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

As a wife of a law enforcement officer, who continues to serve after 21 years in this career, I know first hand the sacrifices made by those that choose to serve and protect our community. I know the sacrifices that LEO families make and pray that I never face the loss that so many others have suffered when their loved one gives their life in the line of duty. Mentoring those that belong to the LEO family is a passion of mine and encouraging those to recognize the efforts and sacrifices that those in law enforcement make is of paramount importance. Please consider joining me in showing support and appreciation for those that tirelessly service our communities and especially to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

~ Noelle LeBlanc

Legal Services of Southern Piedmont

Legal Services of Southern Piedmont’s mission is to pursue justice for those in need. LSSP provides a wide range of civil legal assistance to low-income people in the Charlotte metropolitan area and west-central NC.

LSSP accomplishes its mission through a variety of legal advocacy strategies including individual advice and representation, community education and outreach, representation of groups, self-help remedies, collaboration with other agencies, community economic development, legislative and administrative advocacy, and impact litigation.

~ Maria Ortiz

Hands for Holly Fund

Holly Wade and her family are dear friends of mine. On July 1st, 2016, sweet 14 year old Holly lost her 7 month battle with brain cancer. Before her death, Holly and her mother Christine co-founded the Hands for Holly Fund. Holly saw first hand from her long stay in the hospital how many families struggled to care for their child and keep up with everyday expenses. Holly wanted to help the lives of families caring for seriously ill or injured children.

Hands for Holly Fund’s mission is to provide families in Mecklenburg County caring for seriously ill or injured children financial assistance for emergency expenses not covered by insurance, while respecting the pride and dignity of families in need.

~ Dori Cazorla

24 Foundation

The 24 Foundation started in 2001 as one man on a bike pedaling for 24 hours around a Charlotte neighborhood with a goal to change the conversation about cancer. It has evolved into a national foundation playing a significant role in the revolution of cancer navigation and survivorship. My sweet Daddy-o passed away from cancer in 2011. Since that time, I’ve raised more than $50,000 in his memory for the 24 Foundation through its premier 24-hour cycling event, 24 Hours of Booty. I hope you’ll consider making a tax-deductible donation to this amazing charity. Who knows – your donation could be what funds the cure in our lifetime!

~ Kathleen K. Lucchesi


A21 has a mission to end slavery. It is a nonprofit organization fueled by the radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from human trafficking bondage and completely restored. A21 are the abolitionists of the 21st century. They operate in eleven (11) different countries across the globe to free slaves and disrupt the demand; human trafficking is slavery. The United States Government estimates that approximately 800,000 persons are trafficked across borders annually and a great many more are trafficked within countries.

~ Gwendolyn W. Lewis

Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage

The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage is a local foundation that aims to promote prevention, education, awareness and research, especially among youth and young adults to end domestic violence. The organization was started by Ron and Jan Kimble, the parents of Jamie, who was killed by her ex-boyfriend 3 months after she broke up with him.  Their story is very compelling and their dedication to preventing what happened to their daughter from happening to anyone else is inspirational.

~ Heather Fuller.

Pro Bono Organizations We Support

“Performing pro bono work is a great way for attorneys to renew their vigor for the practice of law, and find gratification in knowing they have made a difference in someone’s life.” – Jeremy Sugg

North Carolina Bar Foundation (“NCBF”)

The North Carolina Bar Foundation (“NCBF”) has a number of programs that strive to help fill the justice gap and facilitate equal access to justice for people living in North Carolina. Our attorneys participate in the 4ALL Statewide Service Day & Free Legal Answers (”FLA”) programs. With a growing decline in funding for legal aid organizations, these NCBF programs are essential to supporting the legal needs that abound throughout our state.

Lawyer on the Line

There is no easier way to perform pro bono work than taking calls for Legal Aid of North Carolina through its “Lawyer on the Line” program. In partnership with the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation, Legal Aid Lawyers on the Line program provides legal advice to people with few other options. Thousands of clients benefit from this service every year.

Click here to read more about Lincoln Derr’s involvement in Lawyer on the Line.