Sara Lincoln on her first few months as president of the North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys

On behalf of our co-founder Sara Lincoln, we’d like to announce some big news: Sara has been named president of the North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys (NCADA).

Sara has served as a member of the organization since 1996 and began serving on the NCADA board in the early 2000s. Her new position of leadership in the organization comes at an important time, both for NCADA and the legal profession as a whole.

“Sara came into her role as President of the NCADA at a time when the trial practice and legal industry is experiencing accelerated change,” says Lynette Pitt, Executive Director of NCADA.

“Change was coming regardless, but the pandemic forced us to adjust, adapt, and accommodate at a faster pace than the legal industry likes to move. As a founding member of a woman-owned law firm that is an early adopter of new technologies and way of working, Sara is uniquely qualified to lead the NCADA as the organization transitions to the new world order.”

Sara shares insights from her first few months as president of NCADA and what she’s focused on moving forward.

What is the mission of NCADA?

The North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys is an organization that brings together civil trial attorneys to strengthen our practice and promote justice. We exist so that attorneys in our state can engage, challenge, and learn from each other. The organization includes about 700 attorneys and paralegals whose practice is focused on the interests of businesses and individuals in civil litigation.

Why did you decide to take on the role of president?

I became a member of the NCADA in 1996. Eventually, I joined the board, then served as secretary and then executive vice president. Taking on a leadership role in NCADA wasn’t something that took a lot of time to consider. I love the organization and the people who are in it. Whenever we get together we learn so much from each other and it is a fun group of people. I am happy to take on the responsibility because I gain so much from being a member.

What is top of mind for you as the new leader of this organization?

Everything that is happening in the court systems as a result of COVID is the first priority. The focus for the organization is that we remain well-connected with our court systems, as well as with our business community to make sure we can continue to move forward to the extent that is possible.

The delays from the pandemic have been a challenge. Understandably, our clients are shaken up. We’re working together to deliver best practices to get back to court so that trials can start moving forward while keeping everyone safe.

What are you looking forward to evolving in the organization in the years to come?

We want to continue conversations about promoting a culture of diversity. It has been a focus at Lincoln Derr since we started our firm, and I see it as a focus in many of our member firms, as well. It’s a part of the conversation at meetings and we have invited speakers on the matter. We also need to continue to weigh in on rule changes and legislation that have an impact on our diverse members and their clients.

NCADA Fall Seminar

Sara was inducted at the NCADA Virtual Annual Meeting in June. Her appointment was officially celebrated at the recent Fall Seminar in Hilton Head Island. 

To learn more about NCADA, visit the organization’s website.




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