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I’m affectionately known as “La Petite Général.” My family has been calling me “Little General” in a southern accent for years so when the same description was used in my workplace I finally had to embrace the truth behind the nickname.

If you read this entire bio you may come to understand the reason for the name. Ironically, I started out in life a painfully shy, tiny little girl that went out of her way not to call unwarranted attention upon herself. Thus, when I announced at the age of eighteen to my family that I was joining the United States Air Force, shock was the only response.

Many firsts began in my life- I left home for the first time, took my first plane ride and carried my petite 4’11” frame weighing barely 90 pounds and bravely faced military boot-camp at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Needless to say, it was during those grueling weeks that my shy barrier came down and revealed what was truly inside….a spirit of fearlessness, boldness, confidence, dedication, truth, drive and determination. After successfully completing basic training I was stationed a long way from home in Fairbanks, Alaska. During my 3+ years in “The Land of the Midnight Sun,” I discovered many new things about myself but mainly that I could thrive no matter the circumstances or environment. In spite of the isolation; I excelled in my job, won awards and was even afforded an incentive flight in an F-16 Fighter Jet (btw- thrill of a life-time!)

In the course of those beginning years, I learned the value of hard work and what it meant to be independent. After leaving the military, I put myself through college as a young wife and mother and earned multiple degrees with honors. I’ve worked since the age of sixteen and throughout my life I’ve been afforded many unique opportunities and experiences. It is through these opportunities and experiences that the little general within me was revealed- the general that doesn’t cower and brings so much to the table in this profession.

What I offer to this team and to our clients is a spirit of fierceness, determination, wisdom, clarity, loyalty, truth and dedication to getting the job done. I strive for the best in all situations. I expect our team to stay on point, and simply put, quitting is not an option. My motto is “if there doesn’t seem to be a way, then make a way!”

So, I stand before you, a brave general that took the place of a shy little girl that has chosen to work alongside great attorneys at this firm to complement a dedicated team that goes to battle for our clients!

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Bachelor of Science Degree Criminal Justice, GPA: 3.9 – Magna Cum Laude
  • Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC Associate of Applied Science Degree – Paralegal Technology, (Accredited by the A.B.A.), GPA: 3.9
Professional Associations
  • North Carolina State Bar Certified (2005)
  • CMPD Citizen Academy Graduate (2016)
  • North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys, Paralegal Division Member
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (Criteria: upper 10% of Senior Class)
  • University Honors Program at University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
  • Biography published in The National Dean’s List (1994-1995)
Military Service
  • Senior Airman/E-4 U.S. Air Force Honorable Discharge (2 Oct. 89 – 1 Oct. 93)
  • Secret Security Clearance
  • Awarded Air Force Good Conduct Medal
  • Named 343rd Supply Squadron’s Airman of the Quarter (1992)
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Noelle LeBlanc Featured In North Carolina Lawyers Weekly

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