Since 2011, Queens University McColl School of Business has been putting a “twist” on the traditional women’s business conference. Founded by two female McColl School of Business students, Lou Solomon and Carson Tate, the annual TWIST Conference for Women is a three-day intimate leadership meeting striving to build a network of strong female leaders engaged in deep conversations about leadership in a self-exploratory setting.


The theme of this year’s conference was Navigating Your North Star: Reimagine Your Route Towards Actualized Leadership. What makes an actualized leader? Lincoln Derr co-founder Sara Lincoln served as a roundtable panelist offering her insights into forging your own path, making bold decisions, and what it means to be a leader in todays world.

“The women at this program are consistently of the highest caliber. They have a strong will to become great leaders in their organizations and in their communities. It is an honor to speak to them and with them on their journey toward great leadership,” said Sara Lincoln.

The talented faculty of the McColl School of Business facilitated the event and provided one-of-a-kind leadership training through an interactive curriculum featuring diverse female leaders from a broad range of industries and professional experiences. It is no surprise the TWIST Conference for Women has grown in popularity every year. Congratulations on a successful conference and including our leader, Sara Lincoln, in the conversation

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