Article originally published in the August 2019 Edition of North Carolina Lawyers Weekly Magazine

When Sara Lincoln scored an A in a law class as an undergraduate psychology student at Wheaton College, her professor encouraged her to go to law school.“That experience not only changed my career path, but it gave me the confidence to believe I could succeed in law school,” she says. After graduating from Wheaton with a Bachelor of Arts degree, she enrolled in the University of Akron School of Law where she earned her J.D. She is a founding member of Lincoln Derr in Charlotte, a firm specializing in offering legal representations for businesses involved in serious litigation.
Recently elected executive vice president for the N.C. Association of Defense Attorneys, Lincoln recognizes the many leadership opportunities women have today. And while she agrees the needle is moving, she advocates measuring the success of female leaders not only in large law fi rms, but also at nonprofit organizations, in courthouses, in the judiciary and at smaller firms. “There are a lot of us out here who are successful, who are leaders, and who are not being counted,” she says. “We need to continue to advance women who want leadership roles and have the skills to take on those positions,”
Lincoln defines justice as fairness in the legal system, “that everyone had an opportunity to investigate their case, discover the information necessary to prosecute or defend their position and to present their case to a jury,” she says. “In every case, there is a winner and a loser, and just because you win does not mean justice has been served.”

Sara Lincoln

Sara Lincoln is the co-founder of Lincoln Derr and serves at the helm of the firm leading all practice groups through active counsel, litigation, and advising. She is known for her tenacity in the courtroom and focuses her practice in the areas of complex business and medical malpractice litigation. Ms. Lincoln is a proud fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers – one of the greatest honors for trial lawyers practicing in North America. 

Sara Lincoln American College of Trial Layers

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