What do Owl, an African Grey parrot named Polly, and Tricia Derr have in common? It is kind of a funny story with a VERY happy ending.

Several months ago, Tricia was on a call with her client, Owl, Inc., and the client mentioned in passing she was trying to find a forever home for her parrot, Polly. Coincidentally, Tricia had heard via Facebook a good friend’s cherished pet parrot had recently passed away. A match made in heaven….if only Polly was not hundreds of miles away in Destin, Florida from her new home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

So the “bird deal” was negotiated, but the deal could not be closed without a way to safely transport Polly to Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Getting a bird from Destin to Charlotte is NOT an easy task. They cannot go on airplanes without a human escort, and they are difficult to transport,” said Derr.

After several agonizing weeks, Tricia arranged for Polly to be transported via a personal delivery service (yep, there is an app for that). We are happy to report that after a 14-hour road trip, Polly was safely delivered to her new loving family in Charlotte.

“Crazy situation but I am an animal lover and wanted to help out. Growing up I had a friend with an African Grey parrot, and they are like three-year-olds. VERY smart and VERY sensitive emotionally,” commented Derr.

Thank you, Tricia, for going above and beyond for a client and a sweet feathered friend. We know this story has nothing to do with our legal acumen but reflects our dedication to our clients and our diverse problem-solving skills.?

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