It was no secret to the Lincoln Derr family that Tricia Derr was a bit more stressed than usual toward the end of 2019 and stretching through early February 2020. Maintaining the balance of her hectic work schedule, speaking engagements, and family demands is always challenging. But that delicate balance tilted when a giant elephant — studying for the South Carolina Bar exam — stomped on the other side of her scale.

Tricia has been practicing law in North Carolina for over 23 years. Why would she pick this moment in time to take on such an immense challenge?

“I took the bar because a longstanding client asked me to take it! The company wanted more diversity in their South Carolina counsel and wanted someone with strong trial skills,” she explained.

Tricia took the North Carolina Bar exam fresh out of UNC School of Law at Chapel Hill over 20 years ago. Taking the test this time around turned out to be a very different experience.

“Book law and real courtroom law are very different. Book law doesn’t apply in the courtroom, and courtroom law doesn’t apply on the bar exam,” Tricia recalled. “I have 20+ years of practical law and 3 years of book law. My experience teaches me that any answer could be the correct one. However, the examiners only pick one correct choice. Very different mindset.”

As it turns out, experience is a pretty good teacher. The 2020 class had the lowest pass rate in the history of the state exam. A mere 55% passed the test. Tricia was among them.

Tricia takes tremendous pride in understanding her clients’ businesses inside and out. Her new South Carolina license will allow her and the firm to deepen and strengthen current client relationships and expand our reach in the Carolinas.

To say the entire Lincoln Derr team is proud of her would be an understatement. We have been her cheerleader every step of the way and cannot wait to give her a proper celebration after the Stay at Home order is lifted, and it is once again safe to raise a glass.

Bravo, Tricia!

Tricia Derr

Tricia Derr is the co-founder of Lincoln Derr and serves at the helm of the firm leading all practice groups through active counsel, litigation, and advising. Ms. Derr is a litigator specializing in innovative multi-media communication, practical business-minded advice, and speaking to audiences in a “real”, non-technical way.

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