The Basics

Who are you? Chris Vernick, a lawyer that never gives up.

What do you do? 
Represent health care professionals, Hospitals, and Practice groups in complex litigation.

Where did you come from? 
Annapolis, Maryland, but my heart lives in the Carolinas.

How did you get here? I got here by never quitting and always searching for the answers.

Why should I hire you? You should hire me because I am passionate, driven, and always on time!

Digging Deeper

Business philosophy?Always keep your head down, your ears open, and never give up.

Proudest moment? Teaching my father to fly fish and watching him catch his first fish.

Biggest regret? My middle school dance moves! So embarrassing!

Favorite quote? “The mountains are calling, and I must go”- John Muir

Best quality in business? Leadership

Making it Personal

Family? I come from a great family with two loving parents, two incredible sisters (both attorneys) and a hyper Westie, Rory!

If I could meet anyone… Flip Pallot

If I could hear any song right now… Ramblin’ Man by The Allman Brothers

My biggest influence is… My father.

Three random things about me… I love to fly fish, duck hunt, and root on the Washington Capitals

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