The Basics

Who are you? Lawyer by day, SuperMom by night.

What do you do? Strive to provide the best representation to my client by listening, preparing and executing.

Where did you come from? California via New Mexico with a few stops in between.

How did you get here? Hard work, perseverance and a little bit of luck.

Why should I hire you? I never, never, never give up.

Digging Deeper

Business philosophy? I try to find simple solutions for complex problems.

Proudest moment? Passing the bar exam for the second time, 20 plus years out of law school with no prep class while working full time and raising a family.

Biggest regret? I only regret the mistakes that I repeated.

Favorite quote? “She believed she could so she did.”

Best quality in business? I am creative and tenatious.

Making it Personal

Family? Let me tell you about my best friend and husband, Lawrence, and my three amazing children, Grace, Lily, and Curt.

If I could meet anyone . . . RBG.

If I could hear any song right now . . . The Story by Brandi Carlile.

My biggest influence is . . . my children because they inspire me to strive to be a better version of myself.

Three random things about me . . .

  1. I am a proud member of the Hopi Tribe.
  2. My favorite place in the world is Block Island, Rhode Island.
  3. I am raising a service dog named Reza.

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