The Basics

Who are you? Phoebe Norton Coddington, a mother, a wife, an attorney, a passionate cook, and an avid reader of fiction (mostly murder mysteries and young adult fiction).

What do you do? I assist companies and individuals with resolving disputes in litigation.

Where did you come from? I was born in Charleston, SC.  I went to Davidson College, and, while I swore I would “never” live in Charlotte because I detested the traffic on I-77, Charlotte turned out to be the perfect place for my family.  I learned never to say never, and to live closer to uptown so I didn’t need to get on I-77.

How did you get here? By staying true to myself and always looking for a challenge.

Why should I hire you? I am responsive, quick, resourceful, persistent, and conscientious.

Digging Deeper

Business philosophy? To do my very best, to keep the client’s best interests in mind, to work well with the opposition, and to respect the law.

Proudest moment? Watching my kids succeed and be good kids, whether it be watching my girls help others, watching them play softball and basketball, or watching my son graduate from University of Miami with a Masters in Business Administration.

Biggest regret? I don’t really have one.  I try to learn from every mis-step so that I do not make the same mistake again.  But I don’t really regret the mistakes because it’s the only way to learn.

Favorite quote? “Do the very best you can in the time you’re given.”  My mom, Dee Norton

Best quality in business? My ability to pick up issues quickly, analyze the best strategy to get to the desired result, and execute on that strategy efficiently and effectively.

Making it Personal

Family?I have an amazing husband, three daughters (9 year-old twins and a 6 year-old), a 26-year-old son from Afghanistan that we took into our family 7 years ago, two dogs (a 99-pound yellow lab and 7.5-pound miniature dauschund), my dad and my sister.

If I could meet anyone… Adele.

If I could hear any song right now… A Sky Full of Stays by Coldplay.

My biggest influence is… my parents and my husband.

Three random things about me…

(1) I worked for two Members of British Parliament and wrote Prime Minister questions; (2) I love National Parks and lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming near Yellowstone and Teton National Parks for 10 months after college; and (3) I like to go to cooking classes to learn new techniques and recipes.

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