The Basics

Who are you? Suzannah Hicks, a mother to three boys, a wife, an attorney, a tennis player, and an avid news radio and podcast listener.

What do you do? I am an attorney who specializes in complex litigation.

Where did you come from? I grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Washington, D.C. for law school, where my husband and I met and practiced law for several years. After our second child was born, we decided to look for a more livable city. We have happily been in Charlotte ever since.

How did you get here? I got here by working hard and staying in the game. I love being a lawyer, but it is a demanding profession, and juggling my career, my husband’s career, and my boys has not always been easy. I committed to remaining engaged in the law through the hardest times, and now that my boys are getting older, I couldn’t be happier that I did.

Why should I hire you? I work hard, have the drive and capacity to master new subject matter, and hate to lose.

Digging Deeper

Business philosophy? Know your client and his or her case better than anyone else.

Proudest moment? From a personal standpoint, there are several moments of which I am proud. They range from academic to athletic achievements, and while they are the building blocks of the person I am today, I intend to have more of those moments. Of course, I am most proud of my children, whom I constantly strive to give a strong foundation for their own personal successes.

Biggest regret? None, although I believe strongly in self-reflection and awareness.

Favorite quote? “Never quit on a hill.”

Best quality in business? Hard work and tenacity.

Making it Personal

Family? I have three boys (ages 14, 13, and 10, as of 2018). My husband is also a lawyer but an entirely different kind. We have an English labrador retriever named Teddy (Roosevelt) and a cat called George (Washington).

If I could meet anyone… Any one of the Founding Fathers.

If I could hear any song right now… I could always listen to anything by Coldplay.

My biggest influence is… My family.

Three random things about me…

  1.  I was a lightweight rower in college, meaning I worked out a lot, usually very early in the morning, and ate very little.
  2.  I was born in Canada and hold dual United States-Canadian citizenship.
  3.  I am my biggest competitor and have run numerous marathons and half-marathons, always in the hope of beating myself.

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