The Basics

Who are you? Tricia Morvan Derr. Co-Founder of Lincoln Derr PLLC.

What do you do? The best I can. Every time.

Where did you come from? It’s complicated.

How did you get here? Not there yet!

Why should I hire you? I don’t much care for losing.

Digging Deeper

Business philosophy? It all boils down to who has the “fire in the belly.”

Proudest moment? Every time I watch one of my children blow out birthday candles.

Biggest regret? …and biggest asset…being passionate to the point of being consumed.

Favorite quote? It is better to live a life of “Oh Wells” than a life of “What ifs.”

Best quality in business? Failure has never been an option.

Making it Personal

Family? The best ever!

If I could meet anyone… I’d meet them at Starbucks.

If I could hear any song right now… I’d turn it off and enjoy the silence.

My biggest influence is… My gut.

Three random things about me…

  1. Rare burgers make me happy.
  2. After 22 years, I still laugh with my husband every day – but mostly because I’m so funny.
  3. love technology and know just enough to be really scary to any IT professional.

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