December 30, 2019
Memorable Stories of Courtroom Victories
By Tricia Derr

Hot coffee, surgical conflicts of interest — these are (some of) our favorite stories from courtroom victories It’s been a decade since Sara Lincoln and Tricia Derr founded our law firm, Lincoln Derr. In that time, they’ve built a team of […]

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December 15, 2019
A Holiday Message For Employers
By Lincoln Derr

TIPS TO KEEP EMPLOYERS OFF OF THE “NAUGHTY” LIST It’s an oldie, but a goodie – the lawyer Christmas card invoking dry legal-speak without overpromising – and just more support for the notion that lawyers truly are the fun police. While […]

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October 11, 2019
Pitfalls Of Pigeon-Holed Attorneys 
By Sara Lincoln

These days, everyone seems to be looking for a niche — an area of specialization where they can plant their stake in the ground and lay claim as the foremost expert. We don’t do that. It’s not because we lack […]

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September 25, 2019
Department of Labor Updated Overtime Rule
By Lincoln Derr

A Happy New Year Courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor It looks like it could be a very Happy New Year for nearly 1.5 million workers come January 1, 2020. On September 25, 2019, the U.S. Department of Labor […]

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September 19, 2019
Disciplined Listening: Keys To Obtaining The Truth
By Lincoln Derr

Do you lead with your best question? Do you have a plan? Do you let the other person think they are in control? We invited some of our health care industry clients to a training session to explore how to […]

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September 18, 2019
North Carolina Win For Parental Leave
By Heather Fuller

In a country that doesn’t even mandate that all employers must guarantee that you can return to your job following the birth or adoption of a child, North Carolina has made a significant step forward in a system that is […]

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