Creativity in the Courtroom: “The Brief” Series

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Creativity in the Courtroom

Show Notes:

Welcome to “The Brief,” inspiring short bonus episodes of Trying 2 Win. In Episode 1 of “The Brief,”  Lincoln Derr founders and podcast hosts Sara Lincoln and Tricia Derr share their greatest moments of creativity in the courtroom.

For Tricia, one example came in the form of her attire. Pouring over paperwork and interpreting a contract In a commercial real estate case that was seemingly boring and “not very sexy” left Tricia stumped with her approach. Then, when the time came for closing arguments, she built hers around the theme of, “what’s black and white is always right.” She never mentioned it, but it was no coincidence that, on that day, she came to court wearing a black and white dress.

Sara, on the other hand, pays tribute to the use of Powerpoint presentations and visual cues to spark the creativity necessary to win a medical malpractice case with conflicting and confusing components. To convey that complexity to the jury, she incorporated the image of a spider web in the background of her Powerpoint presentation. It was subtle, and the subliminal suggestion left the opposing lawyer frantic.

Our closing argument? Moments of creativity can have profound impact in the courtroom. The best lawyers will leverage them every chance they get.

Now, what’s your verdict?

Leave us your thoughts and let us know what you think — do you find creativity to be an important factor in winning? For the listeners and lawyers out there, we want to hear your most creative approaches in winning a case in the courtroom.

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Behind the Bench

Our Music: “Diamonds on the Inside”

Composer/performer: Katy Cox

Love our theme song? We do, too. Here’s a little more about the Charlotte-based woman behind the music.

Former attorney and singer-songwriter Katy Cox transports her listeners with radiant vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Her songs draw you in and take you on an emotional journey that explores both the heartache and the joy of living. Influenced by artists such as Lori McKenna, Shawn Colvin and Patty Griffin, Katy delivers engaging modern folk melodies, with a healthy dose of country and acoustic rock. Hear more of her music at her website:

Our Cover Art Background: “Brave Enough”

Artist: Sally Higgins

After many years of artistic pursuits of various kinds, Charlotte artist Sally Higgins turned to painting about 10 years ago. She works in oil, acrylic, encaustic and mixed media. Art provides Sally a welcome respite from her word-filled career as a trial lawyer.  See more of Sally’s art at and


Sara Lincoln and Tricia Derr are the co-founders of Lincoln Derr and serve at the helm of the firm leading all practice groups through active counsel, litigation, and advising. They are seasoned litigators specializing in innovative multi-media communication, practical business-minded advice, and speaking to audiences in a “real”, non-technical way.

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