How to Turn a Bad Fact Into a Good Fact

January 2, 2023 by


A good lawyer is able to discern between good and bad facts. A great lawyer is able to turn a bad fact into a good fact — or at least neutralize the bad fact. On this episode of Trying 2 Win, Sara Lincoln and Tricia Derr, co-founders of Lincoln Derr, share their experiences dealing with bad facts and their strategies to diffuse them. From documentation errors to medical mishaps, they walk through their process to transform bad facts into good ones. 


Episode Summary

A Matter of Perception

Every case has good and bad facts, but it’s important to embrace and manage the bad facts in order to win. In some cases, bad facts come in the form of perception. Take this radiology case, for example: in the radiology literature, there are often comments about the error of perception. However, misperception is different than a misinterpretation. Misperception isn’t negligent — it’s simply an error that comes with being human. That’s just one way to take this “bad fact” and shine it in a more positive light.



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