Sara. Lincoln Podcast with Miles Mediation

Want to know why you should not underestimate Sara Lincoln? Tune in to the most recent episode of “The Future of Resolution Podcast,” hosted by Steve Dunn of Miles Mediation and Arbitration and find out the answer.

The episode is titled “The Power of Being Underestimated with Sara Lincoln” and  covers the following topics:

  • The pros and cons of being underestimated in a courtroom
  • The importance of being authentic
  • Over-preparing for optimum performance
  • Advice to new lawyers on litigation and running a business
  • Shifting climates towards mid-sized law firms

“The Power of Being Underestimated with Sara Lincoln” is available on Apple Podcasts Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Soundcloud. This podcast is the latest in a series of episodes that features thought leaders in the Southeast’s legal community and beyond. Learn more about The Future of Resolution Podcast.

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