Sara Lincoln Recognized at NCADA Annual Meeting

June 20, 2022 by

Sara Lincoln Award for Excellence in Trial Advocacy

The North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys (“NCADA”) Awards Committee unanimously voted to name Sara Lincoln as the recipient of the 2022 Award for Excellence in Trial Advocacy. Sara was presented with the award at the 45th Annual Meeting on July 17th in Wilmington, North Carolina. This Award was established in 2018, and Sara is the 1st female recipient.

The NCADA Award for Excellence in Trial Advocacy is established to recognize members who have demonstrated over their career sustained excellence advocating for their clients in legal proceedings while maintaining the highest  degree of professionalism. This award recognizes eminently qualified members to advocate for clients in state and federal courtrooms. The NCADA considers them among the finest trial lawyers in the state. Not only have they consistently obtained favorable results for their clients, they have done so while exhibiting a command of the skills necessary to obtain such results. Importantly, their accomplishments were brought about without sacrificing any of the high ethical and moral standards espoused by the NCADA.

Sara also concluded her 2022 term as President of the NCADA at the meeting and welcomed Ashley Brathwaite, Ellis & Winters LLP, as the new President. Sara has served as a board member of the NCADA since 2014, with executive positions since 2018.

Congratulations to Sara and all of the newly elected NCADA Officers.

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