The Disciplined Listening Method with Michael Reddington Episode 16

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Whether you’re in the courtroom, on the scene of an investigation, or hiring in the business world, there’s one thing you want to uncover in your interviews: the truth. But how do you go about obtaining the truth? On this episode of Trying 2 Win, Sara Lincoln and Tricia Derr, co-founders of the civil litigation firm Lincoln Derr, talk with Certified Forensic Interviewer, Michael Reddington, about conducting great interviews and getting subjects to reveal essential information. Michael says that listening is a crucial skill to pick up on cues, build rapport with the subject, and ultimately, get down to the truth of the matter. He says “if we’re not listening, we’re not learning.”

Obtaining the Truth

Interrogation isn’t what you see on TV. It’s about carefully crafting a conversation that results in the interview subject sharing sensitive information. Michael says, “the best way to obtain the truth…is to help people save face and protect their self image.” Extracting the truth requires listening skills on the interviewer’s part — not threats or manipulation. Learn more about Michael’s research and principles here.

Body Language 

There are myths floating around about body language in an interview. Although it’s valuable to become a strategic observer and understand the nuances of a situation, Michael says that body language isn’t the truth hack Hollywood makes it out to be. There is no singular behavior that is always indicative of truth or deception.

The Disciplined Listening Method

Michael’s book, The Disciplined Listening Method, shares timeless insight into interviewing, unlocking hidden value, and embracing the totality of the human experience. Listening to others during interviews has not only helped Michael learn and discover truths, but it’s allowed him to connect more deeply with others and gain a better understanding of the complex nature of communication.


Featured Guest

Michael Reddington

Michael Reddington is an executive resource, Certified Forensic Interviewer, President of InQuasive Inc., and author of The Disciplined Listening Method. He has spent over a decade conducting investigations and traveling the world, teaching interrogation techniques to law enforcement personnel, federal investigators, private sector investigators, and HR professionals. For this work, Michael received the Homeland Security Outstanding Contributions Award in 2011.

Michael has led thousands of programs and educated tens of thousands of participants on how to activate the truth in areas of leadership communication, sales, conflict resolution, customer service, candidate interviews, and more. He’s also a Forbes contributor and frequent guest on various media outlets and podcasts. Michael’s work goes well beyond facilitating and advising, and it’s never just a presentation, seminar, or advisory session — it’s always an experience.


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