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Rarely do you find a legal podcast as raw, candid and powerful as Trying 2 Win, a show about real-life legal battles inside and outside the courtroom. Sara Lincoln and Tricia Derr, co-founders of Lincoln Derr, have practiced law for more than 25 years. In building an enviable track record of success, they’ve also collected incredible stories. In Trying 2 Win, they share those stories, covering everything from early successes and failures to diversity in the courtroom to challenging witness interrogations and more. They also host special guests who share their unique experiences, whether that’s building a case behind the scenes or fighting it out in court. Whether you’re new to your law career or a seasoned veteran, this is the legal podcast you’ve been waiting for. It’s everything you wish they taught you in law school and so much more.


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Podcast Music: Diamonds on the Inside composed and performed by Katy Cox,

Cover Art Background: “Brave Enough” created by artist and attorney Sally Higgins, www.sallyhigginsfineart

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