Well-Being in Law: Sara & Tricia get Personal about Self-Care – Episode 5

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Sara & Tricia get Personal about Self-Care

In this episode of Trying 2 Win, Sara Lincoln and Tricia Derr, founders of the Charlotte-based minority and women-owned law firm, Lincoln Derr, talk self-care, in honor of Well-Being Week in Law.

Post-pandemic, self-care has become a particularly hot topic, and in this episode, Sara and Tricia talk specifically about how they’ve managed their own well-being this past year and the well-being of their team. Fortunately, the firm was well-positioned for a digital transition, but there were still stresses that came with the shift. COVID-19 brought an end to in-office yoga — one of the stress management perks to working for Lincoln Derr — and, really, in-office anything. So the team had to shift to regular Zoom check-ins and lunches (an idea championed by the firm’s director of marketing, Dori Cazorla). Sara and Tricia had to adopt new strategies for managing stress in the office and at home. Tricia established a workout routine, while Sara started therapy sessions and signed up for monthly massages.

In the end, self-care isn’t about the pursuit of perfection. As Sara says, “‘Balance’ is a state of mind and not a state of being.” But it is vital for legal professionals. “If you’re not well, you can’t represent your clients well. If you can’t represent your clients well, you’re not going to get very much business.”

The takeaway: “Take care of yourself and your people and everything will be alright,” Tricia says.

Show Notes

Well-Being Week in Law

To align with Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Well-Being Week in Law occurs annually the first full week of May. Presented by the Institute for Well-Being in Law, the week is intended for those in the legal profession to participate in activities to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being, whether they’re individuals, law firms, corporate legal departments, government entities, bar associations, or other organizations or consultants involved in the legal profession.

The Institute for Well-Being in Law website is full of resources to help kickstart or propel your wellness journey forward. Check them out here.


In this episode, Sara and Tricia mention working with Caryn Lee from a company called Narrative, which provides real-world solutions that deliver measurable impact on employee satisfaction and retention, cultural transformation and top and bottom line business profitability. Lincoln Derr has worked with Caryn and Narrative to conduct personality assessments on new and future team members. We’ll be digging more into Caryn’s work in a future episode, but until then, feel free to explore more of what her organization does here.

Follow Sara on the Peloton app

In this episode, Sara discusses the benefits of exercise and her obsession with her Peloton. Her username, should any of our listeners want to follow her, is “MyMeditation.” The reasoning behind the name? Sara has taken steps to replicate a cycling studio experience at home, with (extremely) loud music and a pitch-black room. That, and the intensity of the exercise itself, allows her to shut off her brain, if only for 30 minutes. It is indeed her meditation.

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Sara Lincoln and Tricia Derr are the co-founders of Lincoln Derr and serve at the helm of the firm leading all practice groups through active counsel, litigation, and advising. They are seasoned litigators specializing in innovative multi-media communication, practical business-minded advice, and speaking to audiences in a “real”, non-technical way.

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