USWNT vs. USSF Equal Pay Case Update

Merely one day after United States Soccer Federation (“USSF”) President Carlos Cordeiro apologized for the sexist arguments used in the USSF’s summary judgment filings, Cordeiro announced his resignation from USSF. He stated, “The arguments and language contained in this week’s legal filing caused great offense and pain, especially to our extraordinary Women’s National Team players who deserve better. It was unacceptable and inexcusable.” He went on to state he did not have the opportunity to review the brief in its entirety and would have objected to the language had he reviewed.

While it is not always easy to give clients time to review legal filings before they are due to be filed, when the stakes are this high and the issues are this important, attorneys must do their very best to provide the client with ample time for review. After all of this public outcry, Cordeiro’s resignation and change in the legal team, it will be interesting to see whether USSF makes the decision to file revised briefs to remove that section of their argument. In the meantime, USSF will need to adjust its legal strategy extremely quickly to get ready for the imminently-approaching trial.

Phoebe Coddington

Phoebe Coddington has litigated hundreds of cases and appeals all over the country. She has represented large and small clients from large banks and electric utilities to small companies and business owners. Ms. Coddington handles all types of cases, but business litigation comprises the majority of her work.

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