By Phoebe Coddington

Lunch. Clerkship. Love Connection.

A few years ago, a friend asked me to meet a law student who was a summer associate at her firm and who was interested in clerking for a federal district court judge. I had clerked for a Fourth Circuit Judge and a Federal District Court Judge and was always happy to talk about my experience. After speaking with Shampa Panda at lunch, I could tell she was very talented and destined to be a great law clerk. She ended up being hired as a law clerk by District Court Judge David Norton—my Dad—a few weeks later. He recently had the great honor of officiating her wedding to a fellow law clerk that she met while she was clerking. Congrats to Shampa and Christopher! Enjoy their love story recently chronicled in the New York Times: 


Phoebe Coddington

Phoebe Coddington has litigated hundreds of cases and appeals all over the country. She has represented large and small clients from large banks and electric utilities to small companies and business owners. Ms. Coddington handles all types of cases, but business litigation comprises the majority of her work.

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