Personality Assessment Tests for the Legal Profession with Caryn Lee – Episode 6

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Personality Assessment Tests for the Legal Profession: There are NO “bad” answers!

In this episode of Trying 2 Win, Sara Lincoln and Tricia Derr sit down with Caryn Lee, founder of Narrative. Caryn is a business strategist and growth leader with more than 25 years of consulting and organizational leadership expertise. She started Narrative 18 years ago to help clients understand how leaders and employees approach work and what motivates them. The goal is to improve top and bottom-line business performance by focusing on organization transformation through people and culture. At Lincoln Derr, we’ve been using Caryn for years to conduct personality assessments for our team members and as we consider potential hires. “It’s almost like therapy,” Tricia explains.

In our conversation this week, we talk with Caryn about how there are no “bad” personality traits — “There’s no judgment in Narrative,” Caryn says — the nature of conflict and how understanding different strengths can help you do better work as a team. “It takes effort to do this, but it can be really, really worth it,” she says.

Show Notes

About Caryn Lee

Caryn Lee, founder of Narrative, has managed multimillion dollar budgets and led teams of hundreds of employees responsible for delivering global programs. During her 15 years as an associate partner at Accenture, Caryn spearheaded major strategic initiatives, re-engineering processes and programs and technology implementations within complex, highly-matrixed organizations.

It was during her time at Accenture that she experienced, firsthand, the power that personality assessments can have on business transformation through a series of team-building workshops and exercises during a large bank merger. Armed with new insights and information, she and her colleagues learned to communicate more effectively and, together, ultimately accelerated and advanced the efficiency, productivity and business impact of the team. With front-row insights into the power of personality assessments to drive transformation, Caryn was hooked.

Learn more about Caryn and Narrative here.

For more about the Big Five personality traits, team optimization strategies and other insights, access Narrative’s library of resources here.

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