What Makes A Super Lawyer?

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To say we are proud of the recognition of Sara R. Lincoln, recently showcased in  2018 North Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine, would be an understatement. Our team at Lincoln Derr is excited for readers to get a glimpse of what makes Sara Lincoln a “Super Lawyer” and strong example for women, similarly karate-chopping their way through a legal profession still dominated by men.

“What a powerful article,” commented Lincoln Derr Attorney, Maria Ortiz. “You are brilliant, strong, brave, humble and kind. So proud to work for you.” While her impacts are evident among female colleagues, another Lincoln Derr Attorney, Kevin Pratt also noted, in reflection on Sara’s many experiences, that there is “Much to learn from you!”


The Super Lawyers Magazine article walks through the full breadth of Sara’s professional journey; from thriving in a tough Rochester, New York Public High School to her recent selection as an American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL) Fellow – one of the highest honors for trial lawyers practicing in North America.

Sara details personal litigation and trial experiences, where she had to stand tall and show true “woman power.” Throughout her professional career, she has continuously made courageous decisions – this is particularly noted in her launch of and belief in the success of her women-owned and managed legal practice: Lincoln Derr.

Sprinkled throughout the Super Lawyers Magazine article, Sara’s legal partner – Tricia Derr, colleagues, and opposing counsel praise her for continuously practicing at a high level. She is a fierce advocate, strong woman, powerful presence, and one-of-a-kind Super Lawyer.

Read the full digital version of Sara Lincoln’s feature in North Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine HERE.

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